Hugging B-Day Chair

Hugging B-Day Chair

Here is something modern and well, interactive. As we see the growth of many pieces coming with interactive features, here is a chair made to do so, creepy but in all, unique.

Actually, the B-Day Chair is a neat one to turn to, especially if you are the practical joker or funny individual. The chair reportedly hugs the person sitting on it each time one of his or her friends via Facebook greets them Happy Birthday.

The chair features mechanical arms that do the hugging each time a greet is sent their way. It actually has a tablet attached to it, and all a person would have to do is log on to their Facebook account and then the madness starts.

The chair was developed together with Outaback Steakhouse and Brazilian Ad agency Lew’Lara\TBWA, a wacky chair that should abruptly give you some loving as you are dining out with family and friends.


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