Sofa with a built-in iOS Speaker Dock

As the influx of multimedia device continue, some would still be on the prowl for useful but affordable docks with speakers to have by their bedside or in their living room area. Actually, some have taken it a notch higher, checking out the new furniture integrated pieces that already have built-in docks of their own.

They are normally seen integrated in beds and pillows but today we find something done for a sofa. Aptly called the Sound Sofa, the piece comes with built-in speakers and of course a dock that allows you to easily attach an iPhone or iPod.

The Sound Sofa thus offers you lesser effort as far as needing to plug in and turn to individual docks since with this sofa, all you have to do is attach, sit back and relax. And while you are at it, the sofa is so flexible that you can rearrange the seating arrangement as you please where all that is left is to select the ideal tunes which should be fit for your breaks.

The Sound Sofa will feature compatible with iPhone or iPod devices, along with a USB port, an SD card slot, Bluetooth and 2.1 stereo sound and will cost between £949 to £1299.


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