The Dent Coffee Table

Dent Coffee Table

Here is another unusually designed table for you called the Dent Table. The said table was designed by Arketipo, where a solid base holds everything together compared to the traditional multiple legs for sturdy support.

One side of the table is open to depict a perfectly balanced table which also features an irregular hollow surface. The concave scoop is visible in the negative space it occupies below the table’s surface on the open end of the solid base.

With the design, you can choose which side to show and which one not too, although from the looks of it, the open sided area will most likely be at the open end or maybe even in a sideway manner.

Whichever decision the owners would make, the Dent table offers an artsy piece which makes it a neat piece to blend in any kind of home setting. It carries the right blend of geometry and asymmetry to bring fresh contemporary design into any home.


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