60,000 Worth of Beds Donated to Handicapped Kids

Beds 4 Kids

Just to give you an idea how much beds are needed these days, just look at how Beds 4 Kids owner Leonard Hilldale made the generous contribution of 60,000 worth of beds to the Handicapped Children Association, Souther Tier AIDS program. Apparently there are a lot of unfortunate children in need and among their needs are beds that can help them recuperate with their varied illnesses.

This is actually the second time that Bed 4 Kids owner Hilldale has made such a generous move in donating beds for the needy. But this one is significantly larger than the first one. But as far as his charity work is concerned, additional funding will be needed to sustain this ongoing project. There are still a lot of kids out there and while his efforts may be commendable rest assured there are still plenty of other people out there in need of these charitable acts.

Hilldale said, “I’m seriously going broke doing this, but I’ve never felt better about anything in my life. I’ve come to the conclusion that the highest purpose a person can have is to serve other people. The awards are amazing, unfortunately they’re not financial, but they are absolutely amazing.”

He is also looking for any equipment, warehouse space, and of course, good beds. And while Hilldale envisions his charity becoming a multi-million dollar outreach program one day, he knows there’s plenty of lifting to do first.

(Source) News 10 Now

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