An Inspiring Tale of a Furniture Designer

Ordinarily, being billed with poor health is something that can act as an obstacle towards achieving fulfillment. But do not tell that to Andrew Lynch, a father of three who is battling brain cancer while trying to finish a degree in furniture design in UCOL.

But the path towards it is not easy. You can just imagine the pain he has to go through to put furniture design perspectives in order. Apparently it all boils down to how far he can reach. Furniture design is an art but it requires a lot of thinking as well and perhaps one thing that is holding up Mr. Lynch is his desire to fulfill this much coveted dream in the furniture industry.

Mr Lynch won bronze in the furniture making category at the National Woodskills Festival last weekend for a vanity table he crafted during the course last year for his wife of 25 years.

“It’s where girls put all their make-up and lip stuff and put a box for their jewellery and they say there’s never enough,” Mr Lynch said with a cheeky glint in his eye.

He gave the table to Jill as a birthday present last September but she could only admire it for a single night. It had to go back on show.

(Source) Manawatu Standard

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