Bed Bug Lawsuit could make this woman rich

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A 54 year old woman from New York is suing a New York hotel after receiving over 600 bed bug bites. Ouch!

Next time, make sure you check your bed before falling asleep!

A Chicago woman is suing a New York hotel for $20 million after she woke up in her bed with moreover 600 bed bug bites.

Leslie Fox, a 54 year-old booking agent, said that after spending four nights last July at the Nevele Hotel in Ellenville, New York, she woke up with red, irritated, itchy welts all over her body.

“My body felt as if it was on fire. I just wanted to tear it off!”

“I had no idea what was happening to me. We noticed the blood on the bed. I became very upset and alarmed,” she said.

Her husband was also bitten, but it was not nearly as severe as his wife’s.

The bugs were sent to teh UIC lab and were found to in-fact be bed bugs.


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