Living in Luxury with Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd

Home design ideas are best solicited from the celebrities and personalities that can pretty much afford the high profile lifestyle and new modernized home designs today. Danielle Lloyd is one of these people and as sure is proud of having her pad to be seen by the world, most viewers were able to catch a glimpse of Lloyd’s £700,000 Essex apartment on a recent episode of Cribs.

The model proudly showed off her residence in a recent episode of Cribs, giving viewers a glimpse of her eye-searing decor and well-stocked champagne rack.

Explaining the interior design, she said: ‘I’ve got a big red carpet all the way down the middle of the hallway, so it’ll be like a movie premiere every day!

‘The master bedroom is bright pink with silver and the wallpaper is suede pink. It’s so sexy, with lots of mirrors and beautiful silk sheets.’

(Source) Mail Online

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