Most Men Unhappy With Their Beds!

man_worried.jpgA recent survey indicated that out of 5000 Males participants 38% were “unhappy to miserable” with their current sleeping arrangement! Of course in typical manly fashion, they blamed their partners for this!

My wife likes a firm mattress, but I prefer one of those new visco foam beds,” said one caller from Queens. Another caller from Manhattan said, “My girlfriend really worked hard on setting up our new place. I thought I could just live with this, but I can’t.”

“Men and women have different needs in bed, particularly when one partner may have a health issue like back pain, or an allergic reaction to a type of bedding material,” said
Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Retail John O’Connell.

“This was not a mainstream problem 10 or 15 years ago, because there was little choice in the type or style of mattress available, anyway. So the male partner in bed just put up with a less than adequate night’s sleep in bed, not thinking he had options.”

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