Pamela Anderson Holds Garage Sale

Pamela Anderson Garage Sale

We are all familiar with garage sales but once a well-known celebrity such as Pamela Anderson makes it public, you can imagine at how many people will check out what is up for grabs.

While there will be the usual old stuff such as clothes and her collection of pictures that many are sure to ransack, her furniture line that includes the likes of loungers, benches and a blue children’s bed belonging to one of her sons are sure to be hot items that many will surely want to have.

Household items ranged from chintzy white garden loungers and benches to her “Butt Blaster” fitness machine, a bath and shower head, and a blue children’s bed belonging to one of her sons, Dylan or Brandon. Kitschy kitchen appliances, including a toaster, saucepans and a refrigerator, rounded out her generous collection with candelabras, rocking horses and other ornaments.

(Source) Daily News

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