Vivon – World’s First One-Piece Adjustable Bed with Vibrating Massage!

So I am here at the Las Vegas World Market, probably the biggest home design/furniture show in the world.  One of the products that caught my eye was this adjustable bed called “Vivon”.

These Vivon mattresses are world’s first “one-piece” adjustable mattresses that combine both the adjustable frame and mattress into one truly amazing product.

These new adjustable mattresses dubbed “Vivon Life Positional Mattress”, integrates all the mechanics of adjustable beds right into the mattress so consumers are not tied into buying inferior/proprietary beds.

You know most adjustable beds are actually “beds”, separate from the mattress but this product literally created a new market for themselves, adjustable mattresses.

I got see first hands-on with these Vivon mattresses and I have to tell you it’s the “best” mattresses I’ve tried, not just because the mattress can get me into different positions but also because it has a vibrating massage that feels incredibly soothing. The Vivon reps told me they’ve actually embedded the vibrating motor inside the mattress which enhances the vibrating massage.

I know, I know, I sound like a salesman for Vivon mattresses or something but the experience was really that good.

When adjusted the mattress into “lounge” mode (where my feet are higher and my back at an angle), the Vivon mattresses proved to be perfect for using your laptop while on your bed or even an iPad.

You know I actually bought an anti-gravity lounge chair last year just so it relieves my back pain since I am always typing in front of a computer (like writing this article right now) and I just realized these Vivon beds are pretty much identical to how I sit in those anti-gravity lounge chairs fully extended.

I used work long hours on my desk and I would get hand arthritis or sometimes get very bad back pains that would last days.  After working on my anti-gravity lounge chair for at least half a day now, I no longer have any of those health issues.   These Vivon mattresses are certainly going do the same things for me plus I will have the luxury of working from my bed while enjoying vibrating massage, that is an ideal environment to work for a blogger like myself.

According to the Vivon reps I talked to, they will be selling these adjustable mattresses for around $2000 in stores and on their website.  I think that’s not a big investment, especially if you’ve been already spending thousands on adjustable mattresses, anti-gravity chairs, and whatnot.  I was actually talking to a Vegas cab driver, who was so excited about this new mattress when I told him about it on the way back to my hotel.  He said he spent $6,000 on adjustable mattresses and still couldn’t find the right one.  I am no expert on adjustable mattresses and their prices but it seemed to me $2,000 on something like this is a killer deal.

Surely, I am going to try to get one as soon as possible so I can start writing/working from my bed.   They should be available in select retails stores soon so just keep that in mind as you might see Vivon mattresses at your local furniture store.

Can you imagine?  Wake up, adjust your bed, then check your e-mail on your laptop/iPad instead of awkwardly positioning your body with a bunch of pillows on your back?  That’s what I still do but Vivon has the right mindset to change all that.

See website for more details on this bed.

And thanks to Vivon reps for letting me take photos of their new mattresses!

P.S. And remember, I will be here at the Las Vegas World Market for 2 more full days so if you see an Asian guy with a big backpack and a media badge, don’t forget to yell at me so I can check out your products.

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