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Digital BBQ Tongs

For the people who are frequently holding barbecues or special occasions via their backyard, here is a pair of hand BBQ tongs that can aid you when you are grilling some food for your guests. They feature a LCD display which measure the temperature of the meat you are cooking.

It also includes a built-in LED flashlight for grilling in the dark and runs on 2AA batteries. They retail for only $39.98 and should be great tongs to have if you haven’t mastered the art of barbecuing.


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Stone Cold Ice Trays

We have seen a lot of unique ice trays that cater to a certain shape. Great for serving and making an impression at parties and cocktails, here is one that takes the shape of ancient statues of the Easter Island.

These Stone Cold ice trays are bound to make an impression. Great for use on any occasion or better yet for any home whenever the need for chilled and cooler drinks is required. There are no better ice cubes for tropical drinks.

(Source) Slippery Brick

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3-in-1 Breakfast Center


With the school year fast approaching, a lot of students off to college may be looking for devices that can make college life easier to deal with. Among the problems they have to face is that of addressing their breakfast meals now that they are starting to be independent.

While mom may no longer be around to fix breakfast for you, here is a 3-in-1 breakfast center that should take mom’s place while college students are out their being independent. This 3-in-1 Breakfast Center will work out great to cook up something really fast.

Price: $39.99 (

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The Plupp-Ap-stylish daybed from Brühl certainly lives up to its name! This uber cool day bed will be hit with the young and the stylish. The convertible bed /modular sofa system has a very retro design vibe and can moonlight as both as a sofa and a daybed.

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Bugatti Diva Espresso Machine

Bugatti Diva Espresso Machine

For the fashionable home owners who want something reliable and trendy as far as serving their coffee wants, here is a unique kind of Espresso machine. Coming from Bugatti, these Bugatti Diva Espresso Machine is sure to deliver the great concoctions that is due to any home owner looking for ideal espressos via its colorful make.

But these home kitchen gadgets don’t come cheap. They are reportedly worth around $1,300. Ouch!

(Source) Dvice

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Veggie Peel Aids Cooks

If there is one thing about cooking, it is pealing fruits and vegetables which many would not like. We have seen peelers come out one after the other and apparently this is one peeler that cooks and home owners are going to love.

The Veggie Peel is a peeler with a clear plastic chamber built into it to catch all the peels. When you’re done, it’s easy to take apart the Veggie Peel and empty it into the trash. Coming with a double-sided, curved rubber grip, it’s easy for both lefties and righties to peel the veggies with ease.

Price: $20


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Baseball Bat Pepper Mill

For the health buffs who are also baseball fanatics, here is something you can add to your dining room. The use of pepper for spicing up salads or steaks is a requirement for most and now it seems you can get one designed in the mold of a good old baseball bat.

This natural wood pepper grinder has been lathed down to the bat design with the handle being the grinder wheel and the meat of the bat being the actual grinder. Total length is two and a half feet with a standard, albeit over-sized, stainless steel pepper grinding mechanism built inside.

Price: $50.00


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Bottle Screws by Luckies

If you are a fan of whimsical and quirky items then give the Bottle Screws by Luckies a look. Available from here, the bottle screws fit snugly and securely into any open wine bottle preserving the precious liquid within and are made of f soft silicone.

Each pack contains 2 screws in these great shades;

* Black & White * Orange & Red * Blue & Green

Please Note: This is product is not affiliated with Keetsa or Bedzine and cannot be found in their stores.

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Home owners looking for a new dining set to place in their homes are in luck. offers a new and stylish affordable line in, offering a complete range of dining room furniture.

The store features formal, casual and pub dining sets; dining chairs, dining tables; buffets, sideboards, china cabinets, and kitchen carts; as well as counter-height tables and chairs. Featured brands include Powell, Pulaski, American Drew, Homelegance, Hillsdale, Global Furniture USA, Home Styles, and many more.

Today, the preference of people to put some gla

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Toby The Green Toad Frog Ceramic Teapot

Folks who love to have afternoon tea can add some décor to their teapots such as this one which carries a Toby The Green Toad Frog Ceramic design. They are made of classy ceramic and approved by the FDA for use. A great sight for guests who happen to be at your home for a cup or two.

Adorable and whimsical. This colorful toad teapot will bring a smile to faces of your guests . Bright green and large eyes make this piece a must-have for any casual kitchen and the guests will love him.

Price: $10.99


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