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DIY: Shearling Boots

If you think UGGS are ugly or not worth splurging on then this DIY is perfect for you.  Make genuine shearling boots without burning a hole in your pocket. Follow the instructions here.

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Plushie Personal Boom-box / Goodnight Pillow

If you eat, drink and sleep music then you would love the Plushie Personal Boom-box / Goodnight Pillow. The best part is that you can make this at home and don’t need to go hunting for it in your neighborhood market. This DIY project tells you how to make a plushie, functioning personal boom-box.  The plushie attaches to the pillow (it also can be removed so the pillow can be washed) and through a series of button holes, the wire is always safely tucked away. Read the entire post

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DIY: Hot Plate

Don’t let that morning cup of coffee become cold while you find your bearings. Make a hot plate at home which can draw power from your computer!This project will show you how to make a hot plate for your Mug from a dead CPU. Instructions here.

Tools and Materials

1. A dead CPU. (Of course you can use a working one but it won’t be feasible.) 2. A USB cable 3. A Fan grill with screws. 4. Any box (I used a wooden tie box cover

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DIY – How to Make a Modern Sofa Bed!

Getting a custom furniture for your home can be rather expensive but if you have some carpentry skills, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be making your own custom furniture for your home.

In this blog post, we dive into the world of sofa bed DIYs, specifically on how to make a modern sofa bed.  Over at Instructables, there’s a great detailed guide on how you can make your own modern/stylish sofa bed from scratch using wood and custom upholstery.

You have to agree,

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DIY Wooden Clocks for the Home

Here is something challenging. For the people who want something to spice up their home, this wooden clocks should provide something different. Also, they are practically do-it-yourself clocks that should force the tinkerer in you.

The whole idea was from Clayton Boyer which may require some woodworking skills. At least you have something to keep you busy and rewarding if you indeed succeed in setting this wooden clock.


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25% off on an Inflatable King’s Throne

Some of you may have already come across this inflatable king’s throne. And if you haven’t gotten one yet, this is your lucky day! Apparently the inflatable king’s throne is included among the items qualified for a 25% off. All you have to do is head on over to Prank Place and enter the promo code “TORMENT 25” and this inflatable throne can be yours.


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Mints Calendar

Here is something cool to make sure you don’t forget what day it is. The Mints Calendar comes in 41 puzzle pieces which should be something fun to have in your home or office. Make sure you don’t forget the day it is and add something new to your home enhancing add-ons. It can even be a great plaything for your kids although you may want to make sure the pieces don’t get lost.

(Source) Trend Hunter

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Quilty Mega Man Pillows

Quilty Mega Man Pillows

Gamers check this out! There is a new game character on the loose and he may be coming to you soon; in quilts! These Mega Man Pillows were actually home-made, a great idea from a girl who made it for her boyfriend.

The Mega Man quilted pillow looks awesome and should be an original piece you can hand out especially now that Valentine’s Day is coming up.

(Source) Nerd Appro

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DIY: Flock Clock

Make this cool Flock Clock which uses male and female drinking birds to display time.”Binary addition of the female birds (left to right) yields the hour.  Binary addition of the male birds (multiplied by five) yields the minute–within five minutes.” Check out the video below and get the rest of the instructions from here.

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DIY: Vinyl Wall Art

Next time you want something artistic on your wall, don’t run to your neighborhood art shop. Instead create your own art like in this DIY as not only will you save money it will also look stunning. Stuff You Need Hardware you’ll need: ConTact paper (a brand of low-tack, self-adhesive vinyl, commonly used by grandmas as “shelf liners”, has a very matte finish) Tape (preferably easily visible and low-stick, like painter’s tape or masking tape) Writing utensil (marker or pe

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