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Bassetbaby Cribs Recalled For Entrapment Hazard

We often hear in the news that babies should be left sleeping on their made cribs. However, it would be also best to be sure that the cribs you are buying are proven and safe. Quality control is something sensitive these days and as far as making sure that safety comes first, it would be best to recall defective furniture before they cause further damage.

Apparently this is the issue with the Bassetbaby and Simmons who both recalled cribs and baby mattresses due to some safety and faulty is

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The Aireloom Mattress is Back!

The luxury in bedding is back. After a hiatus, the Aireloom is a luxury mattress carried by SlumberWorld is making a comeback to become one of the options that people are looking for today as far as putting an exclamation point towards being able to get that much overdue sleep that people need today.

If you talk about this mattress, it may be seen as a product line made for the selected. The prices may be steep but the quality is something to consider. For people who spend direly on other t

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Royal Mattress Sponsors Free Sleep Clinic

Here is something for the people who have an issue with bed and sleep. Apparently the best way to understand how to get great sleep is where they would lay on. We have seen dozens of beds which boast of various qualities and why they should be considered over the standard beds we see in the shops today but know little on why we should do so.

Royal Mattress has taken the initiative to hold a series of sleep clinics at the company’s Burlington factory on June 5 at 7p.m. This will allow people who have a question

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High Priced Bedding for Healthier Living

During these times of crisis, you would think that most people would tighten their belts and think twice about buying the high-end beds and mattresses offered in the market. But while we think it to be that way, bed stores such as the one run by The Mattress Store owner Doug Lake, people are more than willing to pay for the high end mattresses to get healthier bedtime rest required for busy lives.

We are all aware that mattresses are pretty much expensive these days and if you talk about the c

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Simmons Unveils New Mattress

Here is another eco-friendly mattress in the market just in case you are looking for a new look in your bedroom. Natural Care by Danny Seo line of latex mattresses has been released and will be available at selected JCPenney stores starting this month. It can also be check out online at

We know for a fact that the demand for eco-friendly bedd

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New Mattresses are Good for Your Body

Nothing beats the help of a new and comfy mattress and apparently it is just what a person needs to be able to sleep properly. We all tend to overlook the value of mattresses over time, more so perhaps that all we care about is having a good place to sleep. We never really care about the quality of these mattresses and by all indications, the quality of the bed we are resting on will surely play a large part in helping us get the satisfactory manner of sleeping.

A New Mattress Does a Body

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Tactilus® Technology

I was amazed by the technology of this site. We, as individual have unique body structure and different pressure, and no matter how good is a mattress, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best mattress for us to sleep in. Now with the Tactilus® Bodyfitter®, this technology measures both temperature and pressure that each of us will apply on the mattress, and create the mattress according to each individual needs.


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Inflatable Toast Mattresses

We have all heard of having breakfast toast in bed but in this case it is the bed itself that is the toast. This inflatable toast mattress is a good designed mattress that can be ideal to lay on.

Sleeping on this giant 6′ by 7′ Inflatable Toast Mattress is likely to make you dream that you are a pad of butter and that y

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Foamex Offers More Innovations

As far as green bedding is concerned, there are a lot of bed manufacturing companies out there looking for the same thing. Apparently, most people today are heading more towards comfortable living and this includes the materials used in beds and foams used.

Aside from providing chan

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FloBeds Unveils The Green Mattress

Buying a mattress is one thing but applying the green standards being set forth today is another. Most people today hear about going green anywhere, but the problem is, they don’t exactly know where to find them.

But all that is in the past and thanks to the collective efforts of Flobeds, the green mattress has been introduced into the market and people can now look forward to better days ahead of sleeping healthy and comfortably.

The Green Mattress is

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