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Carolina Headboard

Many people are beginning to get into the newest trend in home décor- the idea that less is truly more.  Mission style furniture is a traditional interpretation of this idea, using a minimum of materials and a clean, straight line design.  There is a consistent use of one to one and a half inch vertical slats as the sole design element of Mission style furniture, and a wooden headboard is a lovely place to find this kind of design.  Look, for instance, at the lovely Carolina Headboard b

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Crescent Headboard

When your teenage son needs a new bed or needs a bed to take to college, it’s a good idea to choose one that will go well with any kind of design style.  You never know how your son is going to decorate his apartment when he’s out on his own.  Straight lines and neutral colors are the best way to go so that no matter what direction he takes with his design, the bed will fit.  A metal headboard is one direction to look in your decision.


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Chatham Bed with Frame

Modern bedroom design is all about straight, clean lines and a lack of frills.  Unlike contemporary bedroom furniture, modern beds have one thing in common.  You won’t find intricate scrollwork or fancy finials on a modern metal headboard.  One good example is the Chatham Bed.

The Chatham Bed is made of metal with a satin silver finish.  The headboard towers over the footboard and

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Springhill Headboard

Who wouldn’t love an old country farmhouse?  Miles away from the nearest neighbors, an old farmhouse is an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern-day urban life.  However, not everyone has the luxury of living in the country.  With some wisely chosen furniture, you can bring the country into your urban dwelling.  As a general rule, country style furniture has curved edges and is made of wood.  Contemporary furniture done country style is a traditional alternative to more modern metal furniture.  The Springhill Headboard is a perfect demonstration of country style in a c

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Charleston Headboard

There is a new style of shabby chic interior design that says no to matching sets of furniture.  Use what you have, buy pieces you love individually from yard sales and flea markets, and throw it all together in one room in what appears to be a very haphazard way.  In reality, this room design, when done properly, can produce some of the most attractive, comfortable looking rooms by virtue of its completely unpretentious style.  The look can start with a good quality metal headboard.

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Surrey Daybed with Link Spring

A daybed is a great piece of furniture to own when you frequently have out of town company.  You can turn your dining room, your breakfast nook, or any other room of your home into a guest room with the simple addition of a daybed with a trundle.  For a home decorated in contemporary style a contemporary daybed would be the perfect choice to blend in to your comfortable surroundings.


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Sereno Headboard

A bed is simply not complete without a headboard.  Metal bed frames and platform beds are designed to gain extra stability from a headboard.  Aside from the structural benefits, a modern headboard can give your bed a refined, finished look.  A wooden headboard is a great choice for those who prefer straight, clean lines over the more ornate look of contemporary headboards.  Simple, minimalist styling is the element that sets modern furniture apart from the more traditional furniture pie

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Saigon Daybed with Link Spring

Imagine a cozy tea room at the front of your house, in the room where all the sunlight comes in at around ten in the morning.  You open the curtains to let the sunshine in, open the windows to let the fresh, cool air in, and relax with a nice cup of English breakfast.  A cozy little table and chairs set would be the perfect place to have your tea and have a relaxing conversation with friends, but what about after?  Wouldn’t it be great to stay in that relaxed atmosphere and cuddle up with a good book, or even take a nap?  A beautiful contemporary

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Saigon Daybed Trundle

You decided to purchase a daybed for your guest room, tea room, or your daughter’s room.  What a great decision.  Daybeds are extremely versatile pieces of furniture.  And now you need more sleeping area for additional guest or for sleepovers in your daughter’s room.  A daybed with a trundle is a fabulous choice in additional sleeping space.  It stores compactly underneath the daybed, and then you can just pull it out any time you need it and it pops up into a bed the same size a

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Wendell Bed

When your young son is ready to trade in his toddler bed for a more grown-up sleeping area, a metal bed is just the thing to transform his space. Properly constructed, metal beds hold together solidly for many years and can be a great investment. Imagine buying a piece of furniture for your child and never having to replace it as long as your child lives under your roof. While that may be a tall order for other companies, Hillsdale Furniture is up to the challenge.


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