Mogul Revives Sexy Interiors and Home Designs

For people who want classic interiors and home designs, the ideas are best inherited from the people who have already made their mark. For people like Mogul designer Thomas Pisicitello, adding a sexy pitch towards modern designs that people have been used to is a good business transition that can be both stylish and catchy.

So if you have seen those past alluring designs, check out Mogul’s new Haute Hollywood 2008 collection. You are bound to find something familiar and of course worthy to purchase with the right funds.

“The store is warm and very, very sexy with that Gucci-Tom Ford influence,” Piscitello said. “I live in his clothes and he could definitely live in this store. They have the same feeling. We’re all reading off the same page.”

Mogul opened in November 2005 and is Piscitello and Wagner’s second retail venture. The first was Belux, a more classically oriented design shop that opened in 2001 and was run by the designers before being sold to their furniture manufacturing partners in 2005.

“We wanted to do a new spin on the classic old Hollywood style and make it more modern,” Piscitello said of the difference between the old and the new store’s aesthetic. “We took Mid-century elements and then changed them a bit to create a new eclectic mix with a strong fashion influence.”

(Source) Furniture Style

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