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The Northstar Table wins NASA Space Craft Contest

The Northstar Table

Here is an innovative table you may want to get under your roof. The Northstar Table is actually the winner of the NASA Space Craft Contest together with Etsy, soliciting the imagination and creative nature of consumers that would be inspired by NASA’s Space Shuttle Program.

Apparently the Northstar Table got the grand prize. The table comes with a hidden compartment which can be opened

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The Space Shuttle Bunk Bed


The Space Shuttle Bunk Bed is truly out of this world! The bed can moonlight as a bunk bed, bed / loft or indoor playhouse. The children’s shuttle bed has room for two twin-sized mattresses (one up and one down), there is a lot of room for your kids and their guests.

The children’s shuttle bed is designed to sit against your bedroom wall. If you want to access both sides and add an additional wing, add $175. You choose the direction it faces in

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$5000 a Month to Stay in Bed?

Space Shuttle at NASA

This is not a deceiving post. It is true. NASA has offered a sum of $5000 for people to simply lay on bed for a 90 day period with limited movement. They will be required to be awake for 16 hours though and sleep the usual sleeping hours of 8.

For people who love to sleep and stay in bed, don’t be surprised if they bite the offer. $5000 is not joke and to just stay there and becom

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Spaceship Bunk Bed

Space Ship Bunk Bed

Kids will always want something different for their rooms and this space ship bunk bed is sure to be something that will really make them ranting their parents to buy for them. Unique and a good concept, this space ship bunk bed is a good design that makes the

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Space Shuttle Bunk Beds

Space Shuttle Bunk Bed

We all dream to be an astronaut when we were kids, do we?

Well, we might not make it to be an astronaut, but here’s a way you can fulfill your childhood fantasy – Get a space shuttle bed bunk for your kids, or even for yourself.

Who knows your son might be the next astronaut?

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