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Memory Balloon Lights

Memory Balloon Lights

Seeing these balloons reach the ceiling may be familiar, especially if you have kids who may have accidentally let go or failed to secure them on heavier bases that eventually rise to the ceiling. Such is a common occurrence. But now it seems that this idea has become an inspiration for the Memory Balloon Lights, something designed by Boris Klimek and John Moncrief.

The balloon lights are a collection of ceiling and wall lights, the hanging cords of which serve as their on/off switch. T

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Mystifying UP Table

UP Table

There is no question why this table is called the “UP” table. Especially if you were able to catch that heartwarming animated movie, it is apparent that the twist with this one is that of the balloons which seems to be holding up that glass top.

The UP table was designed by Christopher Duffy, a table that plays on levitation to give the impression of floating with the support of balloons underneath.

The UP Table is a limited edition piece and only 20 of them will be made. The

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Reflective Glass-Blown Vases

Reflective Glass-Blown Vases

Vases will have their way of blending in and complimenting any existing or planned home interior decor and just in case you want something unique, these glass-blown vases should be something to check out.

The vases were designed by Daniele Fratarcangeli, fashionably bulbous vases and light fixtures which should be a playful addition to your living space. The vases come in abstrac

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Susan Dwyer Pillow-like Creations

Susan Dwyer Pillow-like Creations

Pillows were made to aid people who want better sleep but Susan Dwyer offers something different, technically an interior design motif that would offer relaxation for people seeking to perk up their rooms.

These have to do with the pillow-like creations, pieces which should improve home interiors in a snap. They are made from polyurethane plastics which closely resemble balloons. The design seems a bit similar to

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The UP Coffee Table

If you are looking for a neat looking coffee table that will really grab some attention any time, the UP

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Balloon Like Fin Lights

Here are some aluminum-based lamps that should be a nifty addition to your home interiors. They are the Fin Lights by Tom Dixon, coming in the form of hanging balloons. The top half of the Fin Lights feature carefully slotted metal pieces while the bottom half is transparent to provide the expected glow when turned on.

The lamp makes use of six LED lights which are responsible for lighting the surprisingly lightweight spheric

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The Balloon X Lamps

Lamps have their way of adding ambiance into homes and just in case you or your kids love balloons, here are some lamps that should be interesting for the household. These are the Balloon X Lamps which were designed by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova for BROKIS.

The lamps are part of a collection, featuring a red dish that is inserted into a simple glass cover with the cords situated beneath the said dish. Overall, the lamp intend

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“UP” House Replica Spotted in Utah

For sure, a lot of us have seen or at least caught a glimpse of that heart-warming cartoon from Disney-Pixar, UP. While the house was something many of you folks are bound to love, it seems that some creative designers over at Utah were able to build an exact replica after securing permission from Disney of course. Bangerter Homes came out with the house over in Herriman, Utah, scaling it on their own and using their experience to come

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Balloon Bench and Balloon Lighting

At first glance, this is one bench that seems to be an offshoot from that lovable movie “UP”. However, this is actually a bench that is actually standard and functional, coming with some deceiving balloons that make it look like it is floating.

The balloons are actually anchored to the ceiling to make it look that way. Further, the balloons can also be used as lighting since they were really meant to be lam

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Floating Office Cubicle!

How would you like to work in a floating cubicle?

This office is suspended by two huge balloons, and only the ceiling is preventing it from hovering dozens of feet off the ground and gently drifting in the breeze.

via io9

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