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The Desiderio Wooden Jacuzzi Bathtubs

Italian company Tempoperdue reveals a lush looking bathtub for you, something that should provide more relaxation and comfort for people seeking solace after a long day. The Desiderio Wooden Jacuzzi is perfect for the stressed-out people and is actually built to hold two people. The wooden bathtub is stylish and warm, ideal for the contemporary home setup. The tub comes with hydromassage and chromotherap

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Pasha Modern Steam Rooms

Add more splendor in your lush home with this modern steam rooms by Teuco. The Pasha modern steam rooms offers better bathing and relaxation for people who seek comfort and unwinding when they retreat after a long day. Unlike most steam or sauna solutions, this is one magnificently made solution that promises to keep energy usage kept to a minimum. The steam rooms offer flexibility as well since they are fully customizable. Aside from

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The Ice Lounge Chair!

Ice Lounge Chair is for ice cream eating or for simply your most authentic designer’s chair experience.

This might go well with a hanging LCD and a wireless keyboard for some serious gaming experience.

This piece of furniture was created by Claudio Colucci for a a Swiss ice cream manufacturer. Claudio’s objective was to create a chair that would enhance a person’s experience while eating ice cream. The lounge also contains an in-built music system that allows connoisseur

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