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Living the IKEA Way

We have all seen the various commercials, most of which are banned, made by Ikea. However, known to be one of the biggest furniture shops today, it is about time to see a serious video that showcases the actual Ikea shop. Serious in the sense that it shows the actual store but not in the aspect of the

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1981 Bad Bed Waterbed Commercials

It is always nice to walk down memory lane and recall those usual commercials that advertise various products. Beds are among these consumer products and being among the prime means of advertising and promotional practices, this bad bed waterbed commercial deserves one more look since they are no longer seen that much today.

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Do Air Beds Last?

I have been seeing in commercials today on AD Television this offering of air beds that can be put up in a matter of minutes. While they may sound interesting, the fact remains, are they worth the investment? They do beat the price of purchasing the usual foam or wool made beds but the thing that comes to mind is their dura

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Naughty but Nice Bed Commercials

Lets take some time out to enjoy some bed commercials from Ikea. Just a little warning, do not let your ideas get out of hand just because you see two people in bed okay? Enjoy!

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