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Dynamic Yellow Volt Table

Dynamic Yellow Volt Table

Looking at this yellow-clad table, one would initially find it common. Of course it is longer but the glaring thing about it is without a doubt its yellow color scheme.

But designer Reinier de Jong seems to think otherwise with his Volt Table which is made entirely of plywood. It carries a smooth make which offers a free flowing shape thanks to its geometrical shape ably supported by triangular legs on the four end corners.

Of course you don’t have to settle for the yellow col

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The Serenad Chair

The Serenad Chair

While the shape may look more like a classic swan boat, the Serenad Chair is really a functional and lush new seat that you may eventually wish to have in your home. The chair offers a floating feel and somehow captures the unique form of a sleeping swan.

The Serenad Chair was designed by Ali Alavi and is made out of metal. The chair also has a reflective chrome finish to provide a futuristic-like appeal, without a doubt something perfect to have eith

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Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels for Home Improvement

Here are some more potential in-home improvement solutions that should be cool to consider. They are called the Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels from Anne Kyro Quinn which should give your home the uplifting it sorely deserves.

With the use of natural felt and fabrics, these lush decorative panels render an artsy improvement and look that any home owner is bound to

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Modern Throne Chairs

Smania offers a royal-looking chair, a high back chair that should be fit for kings and queens. Something that is without a doubt one of the best modern and royal chairs you may find in the market to date, the chair should be something inviting and cozy to sit on and place you close to being a king or a queen. The chair features a highly modernized make but something which should easily fit in your home, especially if you are looking for a medi

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This isn’t Just an “End Table”

The “End Table” from designer Jody Racicot is a mixture of new and old materials. Referred to as a Time Table Mixer, the End Table is made from rich mahogany and is partially recycled and newly made.

In this end table, old chrome steel legs from an elder table are re-used, attached to a newly formed end table that now is more than the sum of its parts without a doubt. Not a bad combination and in fact the

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Philippe Starck’s Sleepy Working Bed

Here’s a cool bed with a built-in modem. I don’t know anyone that uses a modem these days, but you could probably modify it to use LAN. Maybe the modem is a DSL modem…

Great news, guys: rather than leaving work at the office, where it belongs, you can now connect to the Internet at all times, thanks to this designer bed which comes with modem already installed. Now, at £5,700, I somehow doubt Ikea will be losing much sleep (sorry) over this

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