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Natori Hokaido Sham

Here is something from the Natori Hokaido collection. The item is a king-sized pillow sham that is made from 100% cotton and should be dry cleaned only. It has a reversed 8” overlap enclosure and compatible with the overall Hokaido Collection.

Named for the northernmost island of the Japanese archipelago where for centuries, fishermen have worn heavily quilted clothing for protection from the elements. There artisans, have developed their own technique of quilting layers indigo cotton in geometric patterns of natural

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Axor Starck ShowerCollection

They may be square but they are new designs for the modern bathrooms we see today. This modular shower system should be a preferred choice for people who want something different in their homes and thanks to Axor Starck ShowerCollection, you can really improve the traditional bathroom in style.

Designed with total flexibility in mind, the shower system is all about square modules that can be arranged in line with personal requirements and the respectiv

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nan11 Bench

The nan11 Bench can be customized according to one’s needs and desire. Made from fiberglass, the  bench that can be assembled with any desired number of individual elements.

Dimensions per element: width 70 cm, height 48 cm, depth 41 cm

Colors: Pure white RAL 9010 Orange RAL 2004 RAL colors available in quantities of 10 or more for a 10% surcharge

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Are Air Purifiers Useful?

The air we breath is important. But these days, we cannot avoid the fact that we need some filters or elements to help screen the air we breathe. Air purifiers have since been introduced in the market, first coming out in the health care places and then making its way into our homes. The price of air purifiers are practically in the same price range as portable air conditioners although their main purpose is to purify the air in a room.

But the question i

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Eco Timber Offers Better Flooring Solutions

Are you due for a change of flooring? If you are, rather than turn to any wood requirements needed to make it happen, why not check out what Eco Timber has to offer. If you want the best material to replace your floor with better design and materials, chances are you can get the best deals and ideas from Eco Timber on what hardwoods are legal and safer for your home.

Eco Timber’s Eco-Friendly Flooring Guide is a valuable source for information on sustainable hardwo

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The Gaudi Bed

The Gaudi Bed has a typical cult design and coloring. Occurrence of creases is common to this European king size bed. The slat frame and mattress are included, where the slat frame consist of 3″ high wooden frame with 28 wide-covering, multi-layered wooden slats which are based on adjustable rubber elements. It also has elastic rubber

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