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Home Safety: Invest in Fire Extinguishers

Today we hear a lot of fire mishaps that occur in the home. While some are fortunate if the firemen are able to come early and extinguish the flames, you cannot help but wonder what if they would be late. In case of a fire, what would you do? Water is available but that is no guarantee that you can completely put a fire in control.

Fire extinguishers are normally familiar in offices and commercial areas. But to some condominiums, they are a necessity for tenants. Many would say it is a form of exa

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Salesman Convinced Old Woman To Buy Bed For 5 hours!


Here is a bedtime horror story , okay slight exaggeration on my part but read on! 75 year old Agnes Vickers from Seaham, Durham was pressured by a salesman from Flexomatic For 5 long hours! Yes folks I know perseverance is an admirable quality but didn’t the salesman heard of the term overkill?

The poor old woman was convinced to buy a £2,000 hi-tech bed and even though she canceled her order the next day, the firm took a de

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