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Pi Wall Clock

Pi Wall Clock

If you tired of that old wall clock with the common numbers, here is a clock that should be interesting for you. The Pi Wall Clock is something that may leave you guessing or even give you some hints if you are having problems in mathematics.

The wall clock annotates each hour marker with its angle in radians from the 12 ‘o clock position. Geeky as it may seem, this is one wall clock that should be something for the math wiz out there.

The clock measures about 10 inches in diam

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Time Fries Clock

The kitchen is a place that deserves a wall clock as well and in case you want something unique, maybe the Time Fries clock will capture your fancy. This is no ordinary wall clock of course. As you can see in the image above, the Time Fries Clock comes in the shape of a frying pan with an egg in the middle to serve as the overall body of the geeky looking wall clock.

The hands come in the form of a small knife and a knife. Th

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YouTube Icon Table Clock

After seeing those geeky designed Web Icon Wall Clocks the other day, here is another one to add to that list called the YouTube Icon Table Clock. As you would guess, it carries pretty much the same concept. The background is different of course, using the YouTube logo as its main body design.

And like the Fac

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Contemporary Magnetic Ball Clock

With modern designed clocks coming out as geeky as one could think of, the Contemporary Magnetic Ball Clock should be something odd but useful to check out. Although one may find hardships as far as telling the time at first, the futuristic design does seem to look dandy for people wanting something odd but catchy in their home. The clock comes with a built-in magnet inside it, the prime reason for navigati

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The BDLove Lamps

These are lamps, no they are benches. Better yet they are a combination of both! The BDLove lamps were designed for public places, binding together modernly designs benches with some lighting solution somewhere in the middle. The modern shapes are eye catching and should be great for airports, terminals or perhaps the local park.

But do not discount the placement of the BDLove lamps in a person’s

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Color Changing Moonlight Cushions

The Color Changing Moonlight Cushion is another wacky idea for the people who want something geeky in their rooms. Although it can be a great idea for people who want to make use of room pieces that offer multi-functional means, the bottom-line is that this cushion still carries the usual soft and tactile feel.

When illuminated, the cushion changes its colors into some moody and ambi

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Airport Seats Anyone?

Marcial Ahasayane has made airport seating something to look forward to when it comes to considering them for your home. The seating concept makes use of two assembly pieces which allows it to shift shape and turn into different types of seating.

The seat can be switched into a five-seater, a three-seater, a single VIP seat and a lounge seat. They likewise feature LEDs that show when the seat is occupied, somethin

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The Periodic Coffee Table

Everyone knows how hard it is to memorize or become familiar with the periodic table. And knowing kids these days, they may as well bug you most of the time for help. Well help is a coffee table away which makes this Periodic Coffee Table a func

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