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Recommended Illuminations


Hard Drive Clock

This has to be the weirdest clock ever made on the planet. Though it seems to be simple enough to serve its purpose as a standard desk clock, the real twist comes when you try to activate the illuminations that sort of comes close to an actual quartz clock.

There are no numbers to specify what time it really is and much is relying on how we see a clock and where the actual clock hands land. Perhaps teens would appreciate it but I doubt if the elderly people would even consider having this type of a clock in their room.

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The Poesy Illuminated Bed by Philippe Boulet

The illuminations aim to provide ambiance and some form of lighting but perhaps the place on where to put them may become a sleep issue. There are people who have a hard time sleeping and adding illumination to their bed may not necessarily help their cause.

On the other hand, the mood may be able to help as the lights seem drowsy enough to make anyone relax and eventually fall asleep. These LED lighting ideas may be ideal and definitely something that darker themed rooms may put to good use.

The bed lets you wake up to your favorite color which makes little sense if

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Candles Light Up Homes for the Holidays

One thing you may want to consider this Christmas season is to turn to candles (scented or not) to light up homes on occasions. Candles have their way of bringing the proper mood and ambiance on occasions and turning to candles in lieu of the usual energy consuming light bulbs and all can really be festive in its own right, not to mention subtle to which the yuletide season has been known for.

You can get great candles from the stores these holidays and a

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