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The Fling Lamp

The Fling Lamp

This L-shaped lamp may seem somehow familiar, but regardless is something which should give any room the needed lighting with a touch of green.

The Fling Lamp designed by Kristina Kallstrom-Gernes makes use of the expected LED technology for more energy efficient lighting where needed and is something you can easily place on any wall.

The lamp is made from traditional Swedish wooden veneer and promises to give a warm and subtle glow any time and anywhere.

The Fling lamp carries a mi

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The CMYK Lamp With LED Technology

The CMYK Lamp looks simple enough, but looks can be deceptive. This modern styled lighting fixture uses LED technology to project cyan, magenta, and yellow onto surfaces like ceiling and walls. The lamp resembles a graphic outline and casts 3D shadows and we love its experimental quality. This innovative lamp is current being exhibited in the Transversality Exhibition at Galerie BSL in Paris.

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Terra LED Pendant Lamps

LED technology has been wooed to be a prime fixture as far as the new lines of lamps for home use is concerned and with some touch-ups, the Terra LED pendant lamps should be something neat to consider. The LED lamps offers a conservative way of sucking up your electricity while simultaneously offering a glow that should be lush for people seeking better interior lighting compliments. The lamps are hand-blown and made of traditional Italian

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The Ombrella Floor Lamp

Beau et Bien offers a special mood lamp that should change the room atmosphere in an instant. Called the Ombrella Floor Lamp, this is a floor lamp made for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a plexiglass-shaped shade and delivers an enchanting mood that anyone is bound to love when relaxation time comes.

The lamp offers lighting similar to what a 200 watt incandescent bulb offers only that this lamp makes use of LED technology. Th

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The Illuminated Light Bench

Are you afraid of the dark when you step outside your home? Well look no further! With the light bench, you are sure to easily make your way outside and find your way towards finding the best seat outside your home. The bench is illuminated with RGB LED technology which means you get to choose what color you like or even a changing spectrum of different hues and shades – all at your fingertips with the programmable remote control.

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