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Sleek Living Tables

Sleek Living Tables

It would practically be automatic to see tables come in straight lines most of the time, normally something that would go unnoticed since the usage of the table is all that matters. However, there have been tables which could offer such with a twist, or in this case, unevenness.

Such is what the Living Table brings. It features wavering edges that make it different from the standard tables we have in the market. The table features a smooth oak plank

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The Scout Stool

The Scout Stool

Simple as they come, this stool may not carry the excitement and interest that most funky designed stools carry to date but it does come in handy when the need for seating arrives.

The Scout Stool is a simple sloping seat which renders the necessary functionality, constructed using mortise and tenon joints. Time-tested technique were reportedly used in the construction of the said seat, a testament to the intricate patterning it shows off capped with a natural beewax finish.

The Scout St

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Brick Furniture Collection

Brick Furniture Collection

Natural looking furniture pieces will always be a sight to behold and it looks like that this is exactly what Paola Navone had in mind.

The furniture collection portrays various natural forms, ranging from organic stump shapes all the way to tufting. Each looks pretty much like a former part of a tree, taking the form of a tree section after it has been peeled.

With an array of designs for your choosing, these are fu

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Martha Stewart The Good Bed

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia unveiled Martha Stewart The Good Bed, a new line of branded mattresses. Available through select independent furniture stores, the line consists of twelve mattresses, each covered in woven or knit tickings of 100% cotton and starting at $1,000. The mattresses are available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes, and in comfort levels of firm, medium-firm, and plush.

Martha Stewart, MSLO’s Founder, stated: “Our lives today are so demanding and

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I love dogs and of course when I saw the simply silhouette BLACK DOG CUSHION/PILLOW, I wanted one pronto. Because nothing comes between my dogs and me! The cushion is handmade from thick natural cotton and measures 42cm x 42cm.

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Lotus Chair

Here is something, which may help you in your spiritual endeavor, and maybe you can even attain Nirvana! The Lotus Chair hand made in the Far East from natural rattan woven over a frame of bamboo. Each chair takes over 30 hours to produce and care has been taken that the posture is correct.

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The Coco Mattress

The Coco Mattress claims to be the most reachable and organic mattress out there. It’s filled with coir from the only certified organic coir plantation in the world. Coir is made from coconut husks, which are coated, in natural latex. Measures: 27″ x 52″

Provides Breathability Non-allergenic and anti dust-mite Fire retardant

Provides long-lasting support Hand made in Devon, England

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This Shangrila bedding set collects beautiful colors of the nature and blended all of it together. The patterns “printed” on the surface reflect contemporary design. Designed patterns kept its simplicity so that as this piece of art focuses on the colors of nature. Overall, beautifully done, with a natural touch of luxury.

Via Obeo Design

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Soak, luxury bedding set

The name said it all. The Soak bedding set reflects the quiet flow of pure waters. The pattern was design on a wavy effect. With calming colors, this bed brings out tranquility to your room. Splashed brown colors made the set looks natural.

Via Obeo

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