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Atomic Lighting Tubes

Atomic Lighting Tubes

When I see these lighting tubes, it reminds of some old computer game puzzles wherein you have to place the right tube shape to win the game. And while I am clueless if this was even considered when Malgorzata Ratajczak and Sebastian Szlabs from studio Emandes did this, the real thing is that they look like neat lighting solutions for any home or office space.

Called Atomic Lighting Tubes, folks can get an unlimited number of solutions from these colorful tubes, something which easily s

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Steelcase Leap Chair

It may be designed for the office but if you are looking for a great chair to sit on when you do some work at home or perhaps browse the web, this Steelcase Leap Chair will give you the right comfort and distinction due for an office executive.

The task chair features adjustable controls right at your disposal with all of the levers bearing neat labels, so you don’t need a manual to know its functionalities to mold it according to your comfort. The chair focuses on the e

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What-Nots Chest of Drawers

I am completely in love with the What-Nots Chest of Drawers as it looks like a funky godsend for the messy (like me). The chest comes with mini drawers to store office supplies and other small items and will also look great in an office space. Measuring 4.125″ x 3.375″ x 8.375, you can order it from here for $24.95.

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