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Susan Dwyer Pillow-like Creations

Susan Dwyer Pillow-like Creations

Pillows were made to aid people who want better sleep but Susan Dwyer offers something different, technically an interior design motif that would offer relaxation for people seeking to perk up their rooms.

These have to do with the pillow-like creations, pieces which should improve home interiors in a snap. They are made from polyurethane plastics which closely resemble balloons. The design seems a bit similar to

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The Cream Chair from MrSmith Studio

They are simple and yet functional, the Cream Chair is another potential seating solution you can seriously consider for your household or to accommodate some guests. The chairs were made by MrSmith Studio, the same company that introduced the Basil Chair.

The designs were meant to build a bridge between wood and plastics and the chairs are composed of restilon. Restilon is a thermoplastic polymer composed o

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The Biodegradable Montauk Sofa

When we hear biodegradable attached to certain items such as furniture and bed ensembles, the immediate notion is they can waste easily. But depending on how you understand it, there is more towards them that meets the eye. For one, biodegradable does not immediately pertain to the finished product such as sofas or chairs but rather, it may point towards materials used that has a recycled or organic light bulb towards it but not necessarily the entire product concept.

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