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The Meander Chair and Rama

Here are two pieces which should come in handy in any home. The Meander is an illusionary type of a chair while the Rama is actually a jewelry box which is a study of contrast in material and color.

The Rama also features a white frame that contrasts the dark wood of the jewelry box (or cabinet) proper handcrafted and certainly something which should have its share of functionality and usefulness.

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Plexiglass Stool and Table

Plexiglass Stool and Table

Here is another multifunctional piece which you can consider for home or even office use. Stools normally come in wood or steel but this one from Nilly Mozer comes in plexiglass material.

A project called 100K turns rows of staple designs and transforms them into elements which make this laser-cut plexiglass-based stool or table. The staples apparently create the texture of the said piece, eventually making the platform becomes interactive by letting you shift them, r

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LED Powered MoodBrooms

Ideally, brooms would be used to sweep or mop up our dirty work at times. Also, it would normally spend a great deal of time in the corner or hidden in the broom closet. But for the MoodBrooms, it is highly doubtful that such would be the case.

Designed by Peteris Zilber, the MoodBroom breathes back life into the usually boring old broom with some LED lighting technology and thus springing it back to life.

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The Interlux Armchair

For the people who want to continue living like Jedis, here is a chair made of plexiglass for you. This is the Interlux Armchair, something that should put you close to being a Jedi Knight similar to that of Star Wars fame.

Designed by Manfred Kielnhofer, these are chairs that can also light up thanks to two fluorescent tubes embedded inside it. But with rarity and quality comes a price. These Interlux Armchairs cost $2,500 a pop. So if you are in

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Funky Plexiglass Table Lamps

Here is a cool table lamp for you, something rendering some 2D love. This funky plexiglass table lamp was designed by Emmanuel Jacquet and features cut-out silhouettes which are backlit, defining their shapes while rendering a desired glow in any room it may find itself in.

The lamp is available in various shapes, each with a certain twist, which should spice up any room in an instant. The lamp should be s

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The Custom Beer Pong Table

For the people who love to drink a lot, here is a table specially made for you. It is called the Custom Beer Pong Table, actually designed for a drinking game of sorts. The table was designed by Burr Ridge-based Etsy ChippewaFive, something made for the college students.

The table features a seamless poplar wood exterior, red plexiglass triangles lit from underneath by LEDs and detachable rear panels for easy maintenance. If yo

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