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Galleria Modular Couch

Galleria Modular Couch

Folks in the hunt for more modular pieces may want to check out this Gallery modular couch from designer Pearson Lloyd. The Galleria promises to add some sophistication and cheerfulness in any home, highlighted by its bright yellow cushions which should really set the cheerful mood in your home.

The Tetris-like couch is accented from light wood and marble, backed with a steel spine which can be modified in any manner to make it a perfect fit in any home area.

Aside from that, it

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The Tetran Modular Furniture

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that the Tetran Modular Furniture has been inspired by the iconic  video game, Tetris. In fact, Tetris is not the only inspiration as company founder and CEO Ruke lists Legos and Transformers as his source of inspiration as well. The modular furniture system is all about versatility and the basic building block is a ¾” mdf panel, that is available

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DIY Project: TETRIS Alarm Clock

An alarm clock that shuts only when you play a game of Tetris is made of stuff gaming geeks dream off! And fortunately such a scintillating device does exist. The Tetris Alarm Clock is a DIY project and you can follow the full instructions here. Says the creator: “This is an Arduino powered alarm clock that after hitting snooz

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Tetris Furniture!

If you are a hardcore Tetris lover, you might not want to forget that there’s tetris furniture you can get as shown here from Helder Filipov. (via geekygadgets)

More Tetris Furniture:

Tetris Coffee Table

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