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Cloud Concept Seats

Cloud Concept Seats

Here are some seats which should be neat to have for the home. The Cloud Concept Seats are part of the cloud collection by Humberto Damata, giving you another potential solution towards making your home a whole lot cozier.

The seats were derived from fabrics, an interwoven design that surely looks familiar. The design makes use of the same technique used in baskets and natural fibers, interwoven in such a way to hold firmly while also offering an unusual kind of grid.

The collect

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Clear Saline Lamp

Clear Saline Lamp

Here is a lamp that is powered by something outside electricity, saline water which is apparently why it is called the Saline Lamp. The lamp was designed by Siyu Huang & Jiahui Song and is a pretty environmental-friendly lamp offers the necessary illumination when needed.

The lamp replaces wires with saline water to reduce metal consumption and come with a voice-operated switch and a metal cap to control its functionality. The lamp should be something cheeky to have in homes, somet

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Levitating Dining Tables

Levitating Dining Tables

One may be amazed at these dining tables, pieces which make it look as if they were actually floating. They don’t come with the usual legs for ample support but the deceiving piece is actually made to look that way thanks to some innovation in the chairs that surround it.

Designed by Ingo Maurer, these dining tables can really be something to impress folks who are suckers for magic (and of course the ones who are fooled at first glance). The table rests on the chair arms which come wit

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A Modern Chandlier Concept

“Forms in Nature”,

Lighting fixtures such as chandeliers are bound to make your home a whole lot appealing and if you are on the prowl for a chandelier, here is a potential one for you although it remains a concept for now. The chandelier is called “Forms in Nature”, a chandelier that seems as if it was created using painted tree branches.

But the real twist about the said chandelier is the shadow that it casts once it is turned on, rendering an appearance of surrounding indoor trees which should prov

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Lush Park Benches

Lush Park Benches

Ideally, park benches would normally be made of wood or steel, far from the usual comfort that folks would want when they want to sit down and pamper themselves silly. But Dutche designer Joost Goudriaan enhances the traditional benches we see everyday with the addition of upholstery – something you can spot over at Chesterfield Park.

The hand-finished loungers come complete with rivets to hold its finely added leather upholstery, making the said bench a whole lot classier and comfort

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The Donatella Versace Chair

Donatella Versace Chair

Here is an elegant and lush chair for the folks who want something luxurious to have around. The Donatella Versace chair comes from the Haas Brothers, something reportedly inspired by rock ‘n roll and blonde glamour themes.

The chairs are made from honeycomb brass with a visible pattern body while the upholstery is clad in black leather – a signature part for all their creations under the Versace brand.

The chairs will be showcased in the upcoming Salon del Mobile 2013, an ev

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i29 Cocoon Cube Bedroom Concept

I29 Cocoon Cube Bedroom Concept

There are the lazy bodies who would give anything to make the travel time between the bed and the shower a whole lot shorter. Not that such is really a big issue, i29 may have something for these folks with the Cocoon Bedroom which should make it just a few steps away to shower up after a good night’s sleep.

The Cocoon Bedroom actually comes with a shower at the back which makes it a whole lot easier to immediately take a shower once you wake up. A comfortable bed is nested inside the

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No Country for Old Men Furniture

Here are some pieces said to be made for the elderly but if you think about the functionality that they bring, they do offer some logical solutions. This is of course with reference to the ‘No Country for Old Men Furniture’, pieces designed by Lanzavecchia which should make life a whole lot easier for the seniors at home.

These walking stick-like pieces have wheel beneath them, offering mobility with the intent of guiding

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CB-41 Daybed

Although this bed looks to be a whole lot better in a doctor’s office, the CB-41 Daybed by Suite NY was really meant to offer another option as far as home relaxation is concerned. The daybed was designed by Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows, something that should fit in perfectly in your office or perhaps the common living room.

The daybed features a solid-teak frame that is covered with a rich oiled finish to render a warm and beautif

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The 2D Nepa Lamp

Here is another lamp that should come in handy for any home. Although it seems the lamp looks to be made for the people who need the proper lighting when studying or working, the whole thing seems to be created with a whole lot of simplicity.

The Nepa Lamp was designed by Giles Godwin-Brown, described as a 2-dimensional task lamp that is wall mounted as well. The lamp was built using birch plywood together with stainless

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