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Intriguing Eden Wooden Lamps

Eden Wooden Lamps

Dead branches or other large scale waste could be useful and Studio Sebastian Dillmann somehow shows us how with these Eden Wooden Lamps.

The lamps are handmade and make use of natural waste which can be found in Dutch woods. The supposedly dead branches which many would perhaps see lying around forests or other tree-filled areas, are cut into slices and eventually form the base of the said lamps.

The result is a timeless looking lamp which should be neat to have in homes, another e

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Wooden Laguna Bathtubs

Wooden Laguna Bathtubs

Who could pass up bathing in a lush bathtub, more so something made out of wood? Well here is your chance.

The Laguna Basic makes use of carefully selected veneer wood, eventually creating a sleek and smooth tub which should likewise be easy to clean.

The tub looks overly organic, the overall wood design making it resemble to that of a waterfall. The Laguna Basic gives shows off the ergonomic engineering infused on it, capping an overall n

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Welcome Guests with Wooden Carpets

Carpets have their way of perking up homes, normally found in the welcoming area. And if you are tired of the usual fabric-based ones, here is a wooden carpet designed by Esther Jongsma which should bring a little twist in your home.

The carpet is made from two layers (wood and glass), precisely laser-cut en route to a unique kind of welcoming piece that should push your home to an entirely different level.

The carpet was actually a graduat

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