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Enter poetry publishing games and short-story for the possiblity to see your profitable access inprint and earn a money prize! Our games that are available have producing prizes of & 50 and £ pound;200 for stories that are short. And 100 and £50 for composition competitions. They’re ready to accept all authors, requiring a £5 access cost 3 in case you are a Publishing Newspaper reader. With producing rewards of & &pound and pound;100;25. The regular customer- contests that are only are not blame to enter. but open only to subscribers. We also run annual competitions for the Home-Revealed Guide of http://oemsoftwarestore.biz/faq/ the Season. п»ї

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Pound; &pound and 750; the Authors, and also 250 gifts &# 39; Group Anthology Award. Click the applicable concept to download entry types. Visit with our Tournaments Display to find out succeeding articles from past games Join today to enjoy competition entry charges that are decreased and enter exclusive customer- only competitions

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