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How are folders password protected by me? Conclusion In 2006 Microsoft concluded support for the Extensions. Advise that you use WebDAV or FTP instead and we’ve made a decision to no longer provide for FrontPage Extensions. You are able to password protect files on your own consideration utilising the Index Password tool within the cPanel. Sports jersey rental startup Rep the If you should be currently using FrontPage extensions on your own site notice: how to clean startup disk on mac DoN’t follow the methods below. From writing from Frontpage your extensions may separate and can maintain you. We recommend you utilize FrontPage to password-protect folders should you be making your content in FrontPage. Password-Protect a Directory Login towards the Control section Goto the Protection segment Choose “Index Code” Choose the file you want to protect Verify the package next-to “password-protect this service” Supply a title to the protected index Click Save Click Go Back Produce password and an username Click Add/Change Authorized User You must observe your individual beneath the list of consumers after you press Return. Duplicate the last stage for any extra usernames you would like to include. Additionally, any info or links beneath the folder you password-protect may ask you for that password again.

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