Can You Sleep on an Air Mattress Permanently?

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Air mattresses are usually reserved for temporary use such as during camping trips, or for house guests who stay over occasionally. But because of its benefits, some wonder if it’s safe enough to be used long-term.

An air mattress alone isn’t ideal for daily use because it provides limited body supportdoesn’t regulate your body temperature, and it may not be comfortable for everyday use. If you add a bed linen, mattress topper, and use a mattress stand, then you may be more comfortable long term.

There’s a lot to learn when choosing an air mattress that you can use every day. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Inflatable air mattresses are a convenient choice. They are more affordable than standard beds, and they’re also portable. For these reasons, many people find it practical to keep one handy for out of town trips, camping, or for when guests come over.

There are also some benefits to using an air mattress:

Affordable: For those on a tight budget, air mattresses are an affordable option. It’s usually priced at a fraction of the cost of standard mattresses. But if you’re planning to use an air mattress every day, you should invest in one that will last a long time – we’ll go into detail on this later on.

Space saving: Living in a small space can make it challenging to find a suitable sleeping option. This is especially true if you live in a small apartment where it may not be feasible to use a permanent bed. In this case, air mattresses can easily be deflated and stored away in under two minutes, leaving you with much more space for the rest of the day. At night, you can set up your air mattress in just a few minutes if you have an air pump.

What Are the Dangers of Sleeping on an Air Mattress Long Term?

Many people see the benefits of sleeping on an air mattress, and they find it comfortable too. However, these mattresses alone are not recommended for nightly use for these reasons:

Temperature regulation

Proper temperature regulation is necessary to get a good night’s rest and falling asleep quickly. These are key to wake up feeling refreshed from deep sleep. Most air mattresses are made using synthetic materials, which are not breathable resulting in the buildup of heat over time. This means that you’ll most likely wake up covered in sweat during the summer, and during the winter, you could end up being uncomfortable due to the cold.
Without proper temperature regulation, you could end up getting sick.

Body support

There are many types of mattresses in the market, many of which are popular for providing excellent body support. Unfortunately, the air mattress is not one of them. Considering we sleep an average of 8 hours a night, it’s important to think about the support our mattress gives us.
Though it’s perfectly alright to sleep in it once in a while, using it long-term can cause stiffness, back pain, and muscular discomfort. It is also not advisable if you already have existing spine problems because it could get worse.


Air mattresses, without a topper and bed linen, can be uncomfortable to sleep on. While you might find it easy falling asleep on one during a camping trip or during the first few times of use, many people find that it ends up becoming uncomfortable because of the lack of support and temperature regulation, plus it doesn’t provide any relief from pressure.


Air mattresses are a high-maintenance type. You’ll need to check it regularly to ensure there are no holes and damage, and that there is enough air. Even without any visible damage, the nature of air mattresses makes it prone to losing air over time so it needs constant refilling.


If you share a bed with someone, an air mattress is not ideal. Though there are models made for two people, keep in mind that the nature of an air mattresses’ design means that every move you make will be felt by the other person sleeping next to you.

How To Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable for Everyday Use

Here’s how you can make an air mattress more suitable for daily use:

Whether you want to start using an inflatable mattress daily because of price or space constraints, here are things you can add to make it safer and more comfortable in the long run:

Bed linen 

Adding linens will make a big difference in ensuring an inflatable bed feels more like a traditional mattress. Get the best ones you can afford. The money you save from buying this bed as opposed to a standard mattress can go to good quality bed linens and pillows for added comfort.

Mattress topper 

A mattress topper too will go a long way in improving the overall comfort of your sleeping experience. Make sure to choose one made of memory foam. It will also reduce the risk of back problems such as pain and muscle discomfort. Again, it helps to get the best mattress topper you can afford; even if you switch mattresses in the future, you can still make use of the topper.

Bed frame/stand 

An air mattress that is placed too low on the ground will make it difficult for you to get up, and it will also be difficult to regulate your temperature during the winter. It will create a barrier between your inflatable mattress and the floor, preventing you from getting too cold.

Aside from these, it is also recommended to deflate and inflate an air mattress regularly though for best results, this should be done daily. Air mattresses are designed to expand and stretch, though its surface can only take a limited amount of pressure. Without regular deflation, its surface and lining will stretch too much, resulting in the material becoming too thin.

Additionally, regular deflation will allow the material to contract and thus last longer.

What Is the Best Air Mattress for Permanent Use?

Here's some great examples of high quality air mattresses that could be used permanently, and are available on Amazon:

-   SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress
-   Lazery Sleep Air Mattress
-   SleepLux Queen Air Mattress

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should be in an air mattress that can be used permanently?

If you intend to use an air mattress occasionally, you can easily go with a low-cost option. But if you intend to use it permanently, it’s vital that you choose the best quality you can afford to ensure you get the deep sleep your body needs every day, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Here are some tips to help you choose a good quality air mattress that you can use daily:

Electronic firmness adjustment: Newer, more modern air mattresses now come with the ability to adjust its firmness electronically, allowing you to have full control of your comfort. This can make a huge difference in how well you sleep, especially if you go for a model that has multiple chambers that allow support throughout your body. These multiple chambers can be filled with varying levels of air, so you can add support wherever you need it the most.

Durability: Choose an air mattress with a strong upper layer which helps to extend its life cycle. You will also save money in the long run, since sleeping permanently on a synthetic surface will result in gradual breakage. Look for inflatable beds that are designed with strong surfaces placed above the air balloon, so that you don’t sleep right on top of the air. There are also premium models that come with memory foam layers, offering superior support for you.

Electrical pump: Unless you’re going camping, you should opt for an air mattress with an electrical pump to save you time. The last thing you want to do when you are exhausted and want to lay down in bed is to have to manually inflate it. Many higher-end air mattresses these days are already equipped with efficient electrical pumps that can not only inflate it, but also deflate it.

Warranty: Last but not least, only buy an air mattress that comes with a good manufacturer warranty. A bed that comes with at least one-year warranty (multiple year warranties are best) will give you peace of mind and even better sleep.