Best Bunk Bed (2021): Reviews & Comparison 

 October 8, 2020

By  Marc Laurance

One of the greatest things about childhood bedrooms is bunk beds. Those who have them can never get enough and those who don’t, never stop wanting them. That is the magic bunk beds.

The Top 5 Best Bunk Beds for 2021 are:

  1. DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed
  2. Storkcraft Long Horn Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed
  3. Walker Edison Carolina Bunk Bed
  4. Dorel Living Airlie Solid Wood Bunk Beds
  5. Walker Edison Furniture Company Loft Kids Bunk Bed

Find out which is right for you in our full in-depth reviews below ...

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Today, there are so many variants of this that even adults who want classy, modern interior design can get one and still be as elegant as they intended to be. So without further delay, let’s take a look.

Our Reviews of Bunk Beds

Whether you want to get a bunk bed for your kids or put one of these in the guest room or just something for yourself so that you can relive glory days, here are some options that can make the room look fun or snazzy and even quite classy. You’ll be surprised how versatile these things are.

DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

This is a twin over full bunk bed that comes with a strong metal frame and a ladder to access the top bunk. It comes in black and white colors and accommodates one twin bed and one full-size mattress. But you will have to buy the mattress separately and the maximum thickness allowed is six inches.

The distance between the slats is a comfortable 2.5 inches with the minimum ceiling requirement being seven feet. It is a sturdy metal frame constructed with steel.

It is modern, stylish, and has a beautiful top bunk over a full bottom bed. This is great for any bedroom or even a guest room.

You will find two integrated ladders on the side for the purpose of versatility and metal slats on the top and bottom which give this lovely bunk bed just the right amount of support and comfort.

This is a product made for durability and the slats also provide breathability and support to the mattress in case you want to remove it for an additional box spring or a foundation.

DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

Source: dhpfurniture.com


  • Dimensions: 57 x 61.5 x 78 inches (W x H x L)
  • Weight: 84.5 pounds
  • Max weight limit (upper bunk): 200 pounds
  • Max weight limit (lower bunk): 450 pounds
  • Material: Steel frame


This is a great way to create fun memories in any room in the house. It is a great bed for slumber parties or flashlight reading or those long-awaited late-night chit chats. DHP bunk beds come in many shapes and sizes.

This one is a twin bed over a full bed without any storage. But you can choose to add a box spring. So it is flexible and durable too. It is made of high-quality steel without sacrificing a great look or comfort.


  • You can add a box spring for extra storage.
  • It looks great in a bedroom for adults and just the same in the guest room too.
  • It is a great way to save space while accommodating people.
  • It can support the weight of adults too.


  • It does not come with mattresses.
  • It does not come with storage space.
  • You might want to double-check the soldering on the joints.
  • Some individuals may have trouble putting it together quickly.


This is a pretty decent bunk bed for those adults who want to relive some of the best childhood days. The construction is good but some customers have complained that it is not as sturdy as they hoped for it to be. That can be tricky because it’s not just about getting a bad product but also risking injury.

You might want to check that before the window for a replacement closes. On the other hand, some others have said that while it met their standards of strength it took them forever to put it together. You might want to gauge that based on your own DIY skills and expectations from the metal frame.

Storkcraft Long Horn Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

This is a convertible twin over twin bunk bed which means both beds are at par with each other. They are versatile and can be configured into two individual bds if you don’t want the bunk beds sometime in the future. The set has a solid wooden frame that is dense, sturdy, and durable.

There is a ladder with guardrails to safely access the top bunk. But note that the bed might arrive in multiple boxes and possibly even separate shipments. Make sure the mattress is not thicker than seven inches. This is a great fit for kids and teens.

Storkcraft Long Horn Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

Source: bedbathandbeyond.com


  • Dimensions: 42.6 x 61.3 x 78.4 inches (W x H x L)
  • Assembled weight: 115 pounds
  • Max Weight Limit (with mattress): 225 pounds
  • Material: Wooden frame
  • Floor Type: Slatted Base


This is a traditional bunk bed made in the Long Horn style which makes it easy to coordinate with the other decor in the room. It has rounded edges which provide a smooth and polished look. The two twin beds can be configured into two individual beds too which gives this product versatility.

The guardrails on the ladder provide added safety and protection unlike bunk beds from some other brands. The ladder has five steps and provides easy access to the top.


  • The beds can be detached and used as separate regular beds.
  • The ladder has five steps and guardrails which take care of safety.
  • It is great for kids and teens and compatible with other pieces of furniture in the room.


  • The ladder sticks out about one to two feet which can be a problem if you don’t have enough space.
  • The packaging of the product is not great.
  • Assembling it might be a bit of a task if you’re not a DIY person.


This is a pretty good one. You might have to be a bit careful till you get used to it. So if you are buying this for your kids, keep an eye on them till you are sure that they have gotten comfortable with it. Otherwise, it is good. The bed frame is sturdy and some of the customers have used it for years without any problems.

That the set can be detached and used as separate beds is a huge plus in case your kids grow out of it. There aren’t too many negative aspects except that the packaging doesn’t seem to be the absolute best in the business. But it is certainly a recommendable product.

Walker Edison Carolina Bunk Bed

This is a classic set of bunk beds set that fits great in the kids' bedroom and the guest room alike. It is made of solid pinewood with a painted finish and good construction. These bunks can also be separated and used as twin beds for when the kids grow out of their bunk beds phase. 

You don’t need a box spring along with this set and an 8 to 9-inch thick mattress is recommended as best suited. Each of the beds supports up to 250 pounds of weight. Along with being sturdy, it is also quite stylish in its looks. The ladder has guardrails for the purpose of safety and easy access to the top bunk.

It is a great idea if you are looking to save space but with the option of detaching them in case you change your mind. There is hardly any going wrong with this one. And with a capacity of 250 pounds per bed, it has plenty of capacity.

Walker Edison Carolina Bunk Bed

Source: walkeredisonshop.com


  • Dimensions: 65 x 79 x 42 inches (H x L x W)
  • Supported weight: Up to 250 pounds for each bed
  • Material: Wood
  • Form Factor: Bunk
  • Care Instructions: Wipe with cloth
  • Warranty: Yes, 30 days for manufacturer defect
  • The bunk bed can be detached and turned into twin beds.
  • The ladder is attached to the bed.


Safety first. And that is taken care of by the guardrails on the ladder. Speaking of ladders, this set has one hanging on the side of the frame in a design that hints at adventure but the ladder itself is sturdily fixed to the frame of the bed. You can also purchase a trundle bed with it to make sleepovers more fun.


  • The ladder is attached to the bed making it super safe.
  • The ladder also has guardrails as the second step of safety.
  • The beds can be detached and used as twin beds.
  • The vertical ladder saves a lot of space.
  • It makes for a lovely pocket-friendly purchase.


  • It will take you time to put it together.
  • You might have to get a bunkie board support for the slats.


This is a good bunk bed set for its price. It might take you some time to assemble (although the instructions are pretty easy to follow) but once you finish it, it is a piece of joy. It is sturdy, the ladder is safe, and overall, it is a good-looking piece too. It will work well with the decor of most kids and teens (even though they will tell you those two aren’t the same).

It comes with many different color options and its design is really great and sort of classic. So you don’t have to worry about the bunk bed concept going out of style. But your kids will. And even then, it is not a problem because you can separate them as twin beds. There are hardly any bunk bed problems that this set cannot solve. We recommend it, quite strongly.

Dorel Living Airlie Solid Wood Bunk Beds

This is a traditional twin-over-full bunk bed that has a sturdy wooden construction. It has a few transitional features like smooth curves and a vertical slat on both the headboard and the footboard, which makes it easy to convert it into a twin or a full-size bed.

The mattress, though, has to be bought separately. There is a durable four-step ladder to access the top of the bunk bed which comes with guard rails to make sure there is extra safety.

Dorel Living Airlie Solid Wood Bunk Beds

Source: dorelliving.com


  • Size: Twin/ Full
  • Dimensions: 79.25 x 69.13 x 64.63 inches (L x W x H)
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 111.8 pounds
  • Form Factor: Bunk
  • Color: Espresso
  • Assembly: Required
  • Warranty: One-year limited


You’ll be happy to know that there are quite a few benefits to this bunk bed. It is a standard design bunk bed that will look and feel great in any room. It is a great way to optimize the space in the room. So, you can add a little extra when you have guests over. 

These vertical frames provide a lot of space under the bed which can be used for storage. The built-in ladder makes moving up and down easy. And it has guardrails so the safety aspect is also taken care of. 

The beds are made with bentwood slats that support the mattress and avoid the need for box springs. And they can be converted into regular beds when you grow out of them. The design is trendy and the bunk bed is affordable. It is also easy to assemble.


  • The bed can be detached and used as full or twin beds.
  • It comes in three different colors.
  • The ladder is durable and has guardrails for safety.


  • The smell of the wood stays for a while.
  • The top bunk might be a bit too close to the bottom bunk if the person on it is not a child.
  • It is a bit tricky to assemble if you have not done this before. It will also take you some time and you will need the help of another person.


This is a pretty good product. It is strong and is designed with a lot of care. It is not really made for adults so keep that in mind. It is great for small spaces and keeps in mind that kids grow out of these things in no time. So the option to detach and use as separate beds is great.

It is a bit heavy but since it is not an item you will lift and walk around with, that should not be a huge problem.

Walker Edison Furniture Company Loft Kids Bunk Bed

This is another choice from Walker Edison furniture but it comes with a little twist. It is a full loft-style bunk bed that has a bed on the top and space at the bottom for a workstation setup.

It has a powder-coated finish and can support up to 250 pounds of weight. On the upper bed, it can use a mattress that is 74-75 x 51.5-52.5 x 9 inches (L x W x H).

Walker Edison Furniture Company Loft Kids Bunk Bed

Source: beddingnbeyond.com


  • Dimensions: 55 x 79 x 71 inches
  • Weight: 89 pounds
  • Form factor: Loft
  • Max weight: 250 pounds
  • Care instructions: Wipe with cloth
  • Warranty: Yes, 30 days for manufacturer defect


This black full-size loft bunk bed is a fantastic idea. This design allows you to have a little fun while maximizing the space in your bedroom. It is a premium metal bed frame that does not take up a lot of space on the floor. And that is the main idea.

You can keep things that you love or want easy access to under the bed. It could be books or a desk and chair and also a lounge area. Imagine if you stuck a mini-fridge down there! Midnight snacking (and daytime snacking too for that matter) would turn into such a party. The only fear is that it would never stop.

The bed has style and is comfortable. It is made of sturdy steel wood and has ladders on both sides so that you can climb up from any side.


  • It allows you to make use of a great deal of space.
  • It is made of premium metal.
  • It is easy to install.


  • It is not exactly a bunk bed so it’s not for two people.
  • Parts of the bed might squeak if you don’t assemble everything tightly.
  • The ladder steps are a bit hard.


This is a great loft bed if you are convinced of the design. It looks great and it has a ton of benefits. Certainly more than the disadvantages. It is not exactly a bunk bed for two people unless two people under the weight limit of 250 pounds decide to climb on it.

Some have tried to do that and maybe that’s when they got to use the two ladders. That disadvantage kind of fixes itself with the extra space under the loft bed. This is almost like not having to leave any space for the bed.

Cleaning under the bed is the easiest thing if you have this in your house and it is a very cool design that you get to show off to everyone who comes home. There are too many victories here, people.

What is a Bunk Bed?

There are many different types of bunk beds. So let us first have a look at what we are talking about.

Loft Bed for Child's Room

The first type is low to the ground which is great for kids. They are closer to the floor and easier to climb. They work for rooms with a low ceiling and are a good option.

Then, there are bunk beds with stairs or ladders. If you have space, consider the one with stairs which are easy to climb and hence avoid accidents and injuries. If you are getting one with a ladder, remember that straight ladders take less space and some are even removable.

If you want a bunk bed with storage, you will find quite a few options. It works if the room is small and it can be used for your kids’ toys and books etc.

The next big idea is a loft bed. This comes with a study area or a workstation or even a play space. The bed is on top and the bottom bed is a giant empty space where your kids (and even adults) can amuse themselves.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Bunk Beds

Since there are so many designs for a bunk bed, you need to know a few things before you jump on the purchasing bandwagon. Here’s a look at the factors you need to consider.

Bunk Bed in a Hostel Room

Size of the Room

This is one of the most important factors. You need to look at the windows, doors, and closets and figure out the best spot for your bunk bed. Ideally, you must place it along a wall. Horizontal beds are even better because they give you more space. If you get a corner one, well, you know where to place it. 

Some bunk beds look like a "T" so they will have a headboard against the bottom bunk and a footboard in the middle of the room. This works if you have enough floor space.

You must also look at the ladder and see if it has safety rails. If you get a straight ladder, it will take up less space. These are just some of the size constraints.

Always make a note of width, depth, and height before you check bunk bed models. Remember to leave headroom for the top bunk. You will need to know ceiling height for that.

Purpose of the Beds

You need to know why you are getting one of these. If you want extra storage or a workspace or an extra bed for guests or just for sleep. Depending on that, you can pick your budget and decide between bunk beds with slides or playhouses. It is quite fun.

Who Is This For?

How many people will sleep on each bed is crucial in determining the type of bunk bed because each bed has a maximum weight capacity. You cannot overlook this little detail. Some bunk bed makers also custom-made beds. So you have that option too, especially for kids with specific requirements.

Size of the Beds

You can now get bunk beds in twin size, full, XL, and queen size too. So, depending on the age of the person using the bunk bed, you must pick a size. Some makers also give you the choice of up-sizing later. That is something to consider when doing your research. 


Parents are often worried about safety when it comes to bunk beds. But we are not cavemen. Manufacturers have done a lot of work and have come a long distance to make sure that you don’t end up with injuries or accidents. After all, it damages their reputation too. 

But you must make sure that the make and material of the bed frame and the ladder or stairs are strong enough to hold the number of people that you intend the bunk bed for. If you take care of a couple of things, there is nothing more fun than having a bunk bed.

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